Philosophy: Close to staff

Philosophie: Nähe zum Mitarbeiter

In our business a close relationship with staff is our greatest asset. It is the employee, who makes decisions about quality in the service sector, especially when procedures are not automated, as is the case in our industry.

For us, ongoing in-house communication is therefore the basis and foundation of sustainable quality. Only by consistent dissemination and sharing of experience and knowledge can we cope with the various physical and environmental burdens and requirements in our specific field in the long term.

A minor error in mooring a vessel may result in disastrous consequences for man and material. This is why we, the Vereinigte Bootleute, work closely with our professional association, ensure trained young people arise from our ranks and constantly strive to make our efforts even safer and therefore more efficient.

Because quality always wins through.

Hamburg Boatmen Association

Boatmen® is the cooperative association of four mooring assistance companies operating as the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hamburger Schiffsbefestiger GmbH & Co. KG in the Port of Hamburg. We provide professional mooring services to vessels berthing alongside the port’s piles and quays, day and night, no matter the weather conditions.

We have traditionally played our part to ensure smooth operations for all types of goods and cargoes for over 60 years, and thus are an invaluable contribution to the port’s logistics and safety.